Product Warranty

ORSGA watches come with a limited warranty upto a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers the machine movement, battery and manufacturing defects. 


What's Not Covered

We have outlined cases below which are excluded generally from the Warranty.

  • External wear-and-tear from normal daily use.
  • External damage to the product. Any damages resulting from wear to the watch case, crystal/glass, watch bracelet, watch bezel, straps, screws, crown/stem, finishes, clasps/buckles, or any other physical damage to the watch
  • Defects caused by outside force, improper use, or ANY such incidental damages which occur by dropping or banging the timepiece.
  • Any lost/missing stones or gems on the outer portion of the watch or watch face
  • Outside modifications and third party repair attempts void the warranty
  • Any damage if used under conditions which exceed the watch water resistance guidelines.